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Music For Your Song - brought to you by David Malinich 

composer, musician, engineer, producer and teacher

David Malinich is a composer and songwriter with over 600 published works, and an ASCAP member since 2003.  He has hundreds of songs placed in independent film and television around the world.  His music has been used in episodes of The Blacklist, Dateline NBC, The Player, as well as past classics such as America's Most Wanted, several A&E programs, TV themes, multi-media ads and video games, etc.

David is a multi-instrumentalist, and a studio owner of more than 20 years.  He has acted as studio musician, engineer, and producer on over 1000 client recordings, including the likes of national touring artist NF for a few years at the start of his career.  He has worked with a long list of great, talented musicians, with singers and songwriters needing his help with additional music being his specialty.   David has worked with clients around the world to provide music and post production work in multiple genres.  

David has also played live music in many bands and music productions over several years, spanning many genres.

David endeavors to always stay on top of current trends, and keeps the latest and greatest innovations in recording technology, software and equipment.  He uses high end instruments such as PRS custom, Fender, Taylor, Martin, Gretsch, Akai, as well as an enormous collection of the highest quality software for VST and real instrument samples (when needed), Electronic, Synth and Sound design from outstanding sources such as Output, East West, Native Instruments, Heavyocity, Spitfire Audio, etc.   David also purposes to stay current on software and trends, has attended educational seminars across the US as well as countless hours of online tutorials.

Many of the most common instruments are played hands on by David, other less common or fringe instruments are created and performed by using "virtual instruments", still played by David, on a midi keyboard or midi guitar using the highest quality professional sounds, which are captured through the live recording on the actual instrument.  Some examples might be varieties of orchestral and world instruments, which David has many years of experience articulating these instruments to produce the highest degree of realism.                  Hear some of David's compositions at

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