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Music Production

At the heart of everything I do is to create unique, custom music, centered around your song, in the genre of your choice, with input from you all along the way.   Almost any instrument imaginable can be used to craft your song, starting with real instruments, or high end samples for more unique choices.  Spot in instruments that you might not play are available for those with home or project studios.

Post Production

If you don't know, this is the process that makes your songs big, shiny, and professional sounding, and a very necessary part of the production.   Using cutting edge film score quality production equipment and the most innovative of software, you can count on your song's production being the highest quality possible.  Mixing and mastering completed by an engineer and studio owner with 20+ years experience.


Additional Services Available:

  • Transcribing:  One of my specialties, if needed.  This is the act of composing a set of chords, in a given key, around your melody, necessary for music production.  

  • Vocal timing and alignment:  Minor revisions in timing are part of post production, but for some, a little more help is needed, also part of what I can do.

  • Chord sheets or piano score:  available for purchase. 

  • Additional Phone Consultation:   Other than if your initial consultation is by phone (free), longer conversations to answer questions about resources based on my experience, etc can certainly be had,  for a fee.


-  All music production completed for clients on a "work for hire" basis - client retains ALL rights to their music.
-  Typical turnaround for music production, post production, and other services varies depending on the size and complexity of the project, and when work is scheduled to be completed.   Work is scheduled upon payment of approved quoted work.   While it can be sooner, most projects are generally begun within a week or sooner of payment, and completed based on scheduling thereafter, typically within a few business days of start date.  
-  While MFYS endeavors for its clients to be well satisfied with all work completed, ALL sales are final.  There are no refunds on electronically delivered merchandise such as music production.   Initial planning and qualifying of the work desired, nominal tweaks and controlled revision costs will be implemented to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.


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