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John Anderson, Midland Michigan, USA

John A

Because most of the material for my CDs has been original, Music For Your Song has offered lots of very useful suggestions on how the songs can be arranged, what instrumentation can be used to make them sound fresh and interesting and recording methods that can be employed that suit my vision of the song.  Second, because I play only the saxophone,  Music For Your Song’s abilities to provide a guitar, bass and keyboard player (and many other instruments) and their skill with the most current recording technology have really simplified the process of getting the accompaniments recorded:  I didn’t have to shop around for musicians since Music For Your Song was able to cover everything I needed. They have consistently provided me with high quality and creative music that has provided a solid foundation for my songs.   They made the recording of my songs a pleasant experience and the inclusion of tasteful enhancements have definitely helped me create better music.

Amanda Suckow,  Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA

When I recorded my first album, Music For Your Song was able to present me with beautiful instrumental arrangements that I hadn't previously considered.  I would recommend Music For Your Song and would use them again!

Amanda Suckow

Kenny Lee Young,  Denver Colorado, USA

Working with Music For Your Song was my first experience recording my music. Music For Your Song's knowledge and guidance made me very comfortable and satisfied.  I found Music For Your Song to have a well rounded background, with production, and mixing and mastering, always a plus.   However, I feel their greatest characteristic is being able to convey your vision and listen wholeheartedly to their clients.

Kenny Lee Young

Matthew Hickman, Nuneaton, Warwickshire UK

Music For Your Song has been really helpful and understanding at what music I want composed and gives great details on the composition before and in between processing requests. They understood my musical tastes very quickly and are not musically limited in any shape or form. The finished musical piece is very professionally mixed & mastered and they don't hesitate taking up addition requests during the composition process. Being from the other side of the world doesn't effect quality or communication and they are very precise with the requests you tender. I will continually keep working with Music For Your Song for as long as this site is up and running. Keep up the good work!  

Having music produced for my songs was something I didn't think was possible until I found Music For Your Song! Not only do they produce amazing music but also completely understand what it is I want from my music (even when I don't explain it very well!). Professional, talented and 100% committed, full of helpful advice and tips and excellent value for money. Even the fact that I'm in the UK has been no obstacle. Definitely recommend!

Alexandra Hughes, Woodford, Essex   UK

The Alexandra School of Performing Arts


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