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Welcome to Music For Your Song!   This site is here to provide singers and songwriters with radio ready, quality music for their original song (or original arrangement for *licensed cover music). Customized music for your song, in any genre or style, any tempo or key, using any instruments of your choosing, all at very reasonable rates!   Some sites offer ready made "canned" tracks limiting your ability to customize your original ideas, while still other sites make you give away your life savings to hire several musicians and high priced engineers.


Your music will be brought to life by a published composer, songwriter, and studio musician with numerous national and international primetime television and independent film songs and cues to his credit.   Your music will be recorded, mixed, and mastered on industry standard equipment, using exceptional quality instruments and software.  Whether you sing, play an instrument, or both, Music For Your Song can provide you with whatever musical compliment you desire for your song!


Record a “rough” demo of yourself either singing or playing your song (or both), using any medium you have available, such as:  

• Cell phone video or audio

• Computer software

• Home recorder

• I-Phone, I-Pad, I-Pod (All have recording mediums)

• Android Phone

*      Only have old school (cassette recording, etc)?  Call us to make an arrangment for mailing.          


There’s tons of FREE apps available that will suit the needs of your demo recording.   You'll then send us the file (using Dropbox, WeTransfer,  or other free file sharing site). Need help?  See the “Links” page of this site for possible recommendations, or you can call or email Music For Your Song and we’ll help you find the solution that’s best for you.


recording guitar for you

In order to cutomize your song to get your music how you want it, we'll need some basic things from you.   In addition to your rough demo, you’ll provide us some details about your song.   This can happen over the phone or by emails to confirm some things that we’ll be able to hear in your demo.  This would include anything you can tell us about, such as:


• Tempo of your song (can be an exact beat per minute, or a loose description such

            as “mid-tempo”)

• Length of your song

• Arrangement of your song

• Key of your song  (if you know it)

• If you have a chord or melody sheet


Don’t have or are not sure about any of the above?  No problem.  We can help with ANY aspect you need assistance with.  The other thing we’re going to ask you to tell us is a couple of commercial artists (i.e. Beyonce, Rascal Flatts, AC/DC, Tony Bennett, whoever….) and songs that you feel like your song is in the range of.   Something that might be similar in style or genre (rock, country, hip/hop, R & B, jazz, etc), mood, tempo, or instrumentation.    Most artists don’t like to compare themselves with someone else, however, if you point us in the right direction, you’ll be more satisfied with the outcome of your song.


What we'll need from you

What you'll get

Ultimately, your going to receive Master quality, broadcast and radio ready music that you've outlined and envisioned for your song.


After we’ve heard your demo and discussed your song, you'll make your choices on instruments.   We'll have some discussion about those choices to get te perfect sounds you want for your song. Once you've made your selections, we’ll then go to work on a full "radio ready" professional mix and master of your song.  Since your  music is a "non-returnable" item, we can't offer a full money back guarantee.  However, we believe that quality work and good word of mouth are the lifesblood of repeat business.   Also, you’ll get one FREE revision on any element of your song production (instrument, mixing / mastering) you choose - additional revisions for a small fee (see pricing page).    


You’ll be AMAZED at the master quality music you’ll receive at a very affordable rate.    Please see the audio samples page and the pricing page for more information.  

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the affordable alternative to

high priced online recording studios

* In order for us to record music for your version of an existing "cover" song (someone else's song that is not old enough to be considered "public domain"), you must provide an obtained license.   See the links page for resources on this and more.    Also - MFYS endeavors to keep files backed up, however it is the SOLE responsibility of the artist / writer to keep backups of their work upon completion.